Valence – Adopted!

Jack – Adopted!
September 14, 2020
Diablo and Lutin – Adopted!
October 31, 2020


About Valence

Valence (technically La valenceraie duc H-Valence) is a 22 year old brood mare who was surrendered to the rescue by her owner in September 2020. At the time, we were told Valence was thin, but otherwise healthy. Was up-to-date with all her healthcare, including teeth and feet. We were also told she has a super beautiful temperament, but has always been a broodmare. Valence was described as "very soft" and that she loves snuggles and also without any problem. Valence was currently at another home, with a foal at her side. This farm had bought the foal and Valence was there until the foal could be weaned. Unfortunately, the owner was unable to take Valence back.

With further research, we learned that the foal's owners were doing all they could to keep weight on Valence but her young one was simply taking too much. As he was of the age to be weaned, the veterinarian said that must be a priority and, to mak that happen, she had to move. With her owner unable to take her back, we began a frantic search for a foster home, and transportation to get her out of rural Quebec.

Valence was moved into foster care in early October, making the journey to a community just outside of Montreal where her new herd mates consists of sheep, a llama, a donkey, and a mule. She wasn't sure of these critters at first but everyone seems to be making friends. Valence is healthy and Canadians being what they are, she could probably learn a few new tricks with some care and patience. In the meantime, Valence is settling in nicely and slowly worming her way into her foster mum's heart.

Originally, our plan was for Valence to stay in foster care for the winter. Her foster family is giving her loads of care and attention and slowly getting her weight back up to where it should be. As it happens, though, her foster family fell in love and she's been embraced by human and fur family - we all agreed a perfect fit. So, when Anna-Maria (foster mum) asked if she could adopt Valence, we didn't hesitate. Valence is now in her forever home, loved and well-care for. We could not ask for me! We also know her wee colt is doing quite well so, all-in-all nothing but good news!