Diablo and Lutin – Adopted!

Valence – Adopted!
October 31, 2020
Ugo – Adopted!
December 28, 2020


About Diablo and Lutin

Having lived together for most of their lives, and being incredibly bonded, we decided to go with just one page to introduce Diablo (cream halter) and Lutin (blue halter).

The Rescue was contacted Thanksgiving Weekend 2020 about two geldings heading to auction in Ontario. Their very elderly owner was struggling to keep up with their care so sold them to a dealer who was happy to let us purchase them. We were so thrilled at this opportunity, rather than risking the auction where their fate would be sealed. The dealer, and our other contacts, were quite positive both would have gone for meat. So, once again we rallied the troops to find a foster home and transportation. Thankfully, long-time supporter Shelley was able to make this all happen.

Diablo (YDL Dark Fox Diablo, born July 7, 1994) and Lutin (YDL Dandy Lutin, born June 8, 2001) travelled well and started to settle into their foster home, at Shelley's farm near London, ON. First reports were that Lutin was very friendly and puppy dog playful but a tad skinny and not walking well. Diablo was much meatier, gets around quite good for his age and seems a tad cautious, especially with new people. . . at 26 yrs old he is, perhaps, a tad more discerning. More importantly, these two were joined at the hip, sticking incredibly close to each other.

Both were very good for the farrier and quickly began to warm up to Shelley and friend Kim who has been onsite regularly loving on both the boys. They've started to learn about horse cookies, carrots, apples, and smooches. Lutin is all over it but Diablo is taking his time. However, Shelley is quite confident she is winning over the cranky old guy. There are some concerns about Lutin with the expectation that he has foundered in the past. He doesn't move all that well. More tests will be conducted, along with shots, worming, and a general check-up.

These two gentlemen settled in nicely with foster mum Shelley who, as expected, is giving them the 5-star, royal treatment. Unfortunately, the good times didn't last as the Society had to make the very painful decision to euthanize Lutin who was suffering with an advanced case of laminitis, likley one that had been left untreated for years. His coffin bone was rotated to the point of starting to push through his sole.

We said good-bye to Lutin November 4, 2020 and, although a very tough decision, we know it was what we had to do. RIP dear Lutin; until we meet again. Diablo, in the meantime, is learning to live without his longest and dearest companion and seems to be managing quite well. He will be permanently fostered by Shelley and not availble for adoption.