Stormy – Adopted!

Jazz and Sass – Adopted!
February 21, 2022
Rohan – Adopted!
June 15, 2022


About Stormy

Windstorm (aka Stormy) is a 12 year old Canadian Gelding who came into our care in May 2022, along with his siblings Bella and Rohan. It was a bit of a strange situation in which the horses seem to have been abandoned by their owners, with a generous family stepping in to provide what care they could. Ultimately, however, this family was unable to continue caring for this little herd and, thankfully, reached out to us for assistance. A call was put out to our community and a new connection was born. Taylor and her husband were happy to act as a foster home so off to Manitoba – from SK – the trio went. It is tragic that Stormy must be considered “grade”; despite having clear parentage and even a microchip, his dam’s DNA was never submitted to the Canadian Horse Registry so his registration is cannot be completed. Although he’s a gelding and not a loss to desperately needed breeding stock, we still feel this is a loss to the breed. As with Bella, Stormy’s situation is a good reminder of how important it is for breeders to complete all the steps in registration.

Their foster mom describes Stormy as the funniest out of the bunch – he trusts with all his heart and seems to connect very easily. His halter training is impressive, and although his ground work needs some work, he shows so much potential. He is the second to the gate to greet you, the first to put his halter and lead on, and the first to leave their area to explore.

Stormy would do so well in a home that is willing to put the time and effort into him. He has so much potential to be a show horse. He is absolutely the easiest out of the three to work with and he knows it!

Stormy is available for adoption. We are looking for a home that has no agenda and all the time and patience in the world. We know Stormy has massive potential, but he will need time. He has been through a lot with multiple homes and now, with Rohan and Bella’s adoption, the loss of his family. If you think Stormy might be a fit, feel free to contact us or submit an application form.