Bella – Adopted!

Rohan – Adopted!
June 15, 2022
Rex – Adopted!
September 21, 2022


About Bella

Update August 2022: It was with great sadness that Taylor reached out to say she had to re-home Bella. Despite being bonded to this mare, ongoing medical issues meant Taylor had to make the difficult decision to do what was best for Bella, by finding her a new home. So many people reached out to ask about Bella, noting what a stunningly beautiful mare she is and we were grateful to get so many inquiries. Ultimately, we were thrilled to have an opportunity to reunite Bella with her brother, Stormy who has been doing so well in his new home. 

Bella is an 8 year old Canadian Mare, standing 15-15.1hh who came into our care in May 2022, along with her siblings Rohan and Stormy. It was a bit of a strange situation in which the horses seem to have been abandoned by their owners, with a generous family stepping in to provide what care they could. Ultimately, however, this family was unable to continue caring for this little herd and, thankfully, reached out to us for assistance. A call was put out to our community and a new connection was born. Taylor and her husband were happy to act as a foster home so off to Manitoba – from SK – the trio went. It is unfortunate that Bella must be considered “grade”; despite having clear parentage and even a microchip, her dam’s DNA was never submitted to the Canadian Horse Registry and her registration is not able to be completed. This is a tragic loss to the breed and a good reminder of how important it is for breeders to complete all the steps in registration.

Their foster mom describes Bella as affectionate and loving – she is the leader in this little herd and nothing gets past her, without her consent. But she has the drive and willingness to be a wonderful and amazing horse. She isn’t as trusting as her brothers – making her hesitant to open up to strangers - but she is willing. She was quickly drawn to her foster mum, seeming to immediately trust Taylor when it came to halter training and ground work. This connection with her foster family was reciprocal; from the earliest moments we suspected a “foster fail” and were correct. Bella has a forever home with Taylor, her husband, and their family.