What Is the Difference?

Foster Homes

Foster Homes are critically important in our efforts. These are temporary homes we can place horses in until we figure out next steps. Foster homes are generally 100% responsible for basic care (e.g., housing, feed) whereas the Society will pay for vet and farrier, and other extraordinary expenses. We work very closely with foster homes to ensure they have all they need to be a safe haven for the horses that come into our care.

Adoptive Homes

Adoptive Homes are permant, forever homes for the horses that come into our care. Once an agreement has been signed, and adoption fees paid, the adoptive home owns the horse, with strict adherance to our terms and conditions, of course. Our goal is that adoptive homes, and families, will give each horse the care and love that is needed for them to thrive.

Here is How it Works

Complete a Foster Home Application, ensuring you fully understand the terms and conditions by which our foster homes are expected to operate. Foster homes, and families, often take on a huge responsibility caring for, and loving, a horse that may not be in the best health, may have never known kindness, or simply be confused about a new home and surroundings.

See http://canadianhorserescue.ca/foster-agreement/ to access our online foster home application and agreement.

All Adoptive Homes must complete an application, and acknowledge the terms and conditions by which they are adopting a horse that has come into our care. Although we fully understand that life happens, our expectation is that an adoptive home is a forever home. We do not generally adopt horses into training or sales barns.

See http://canadianhorserescue.ca/adoption-agreement/ to access our online adoption application and agreement.

Important Reminder

Many of the horses in our care were rescued after being dumped at auction where they may face the horrible fate of the slaughter house or purchased from horse dealers/traders, or they may have come from homes where their health and welfare was neglected or from other situations where their owners could no longer care for them.

Whether a horse was at risk, or simply a beloved family member needing a new home, we take the responsibility of placing these horses very seriously. Before completing any application, please ensure you have the time and money to take care of these special horses.