Paige – Adopted!

Rose – Adopted!
August 27, 2019
Kali – Adopted!
October 12, 2019


About Paige

Paige was found at OLEX Auction in Kitchener in June 2018 by a local Rescue society. She was believed to be a purebred Canadian mare but there was no information provided other than breed . . . no mention of papers, registered name, or owners. She had a foal at her side, a young one but certainly ready to be weaned. Similar to our breed-specific Rescue, this other group focused on foals. As such, they were able to purchase the foal (since adopted to an amazing home), but had to leave Paige behind. Horses that are run-through, rather than ridden-through are most at risk at these auctions. This was even more so with Paige given she didn’t move all that well. As such, this community came together, donating the funds to purchase her (she did not come cheap) and one of our foster families made the long journey from their farm to get her. Without this prompt action, Paige’s fate was likely sealed - bound for slaughter where no Canadian Horse should end up.

Paige settled into her new home with relative ease. Her foster family arranged for veterinary care (e.g., health check) and a farrier visit. The family also worked with Paige to assess how trained she was, discovering that she was absolutely trained to drive. This was great news. The foster family didn’t do much with her as Paige always seemed to have some weakness in her hind end. She was very resistant to picking up her hind feet and, overall, had a bit of a strange gait. No matter . . . Paige was not saved as a riding/driving horse but simply as one of Canada’s beloved national horses who deserved more than she’d get at auction.

Paige spent the next several months in foster care, happy and content to just be part of a herd. In late Spring 2019, it was decided to see if we could find Paige a permanent home. We knew this would be tough as Paige could only ever be a companion animal. Unfortunately, during her Spring vet check, it was discovered that Paige had arthritis in her neck that was pressing on her spinal column and various nerves. This is what was causing her hind-end weakness, strange way of walking, and reluctance to pick up her hind feet; in essence, she could not feel her feet. The condition was deemed to be degenerative, so expected to worsen overtime, with it getting more difficult to move. Given this, the Rescue deemed it best to simply keep Paige in our care.

In Summer 2019, Paige’s care team determined that her condition had worsened. Though Paige was still eating well, and was happy and content, she could no longer lie down. The vet also advised that Paige was at the stage of being a fall hazard, which could result in injury to her, and those around her. After much discussion and consultation with her care team and our veterinarian, it was decided that Paige had lived the last year in peace and comfort, knowing love and a full belly and it was now time to let her go, before her suffering got any worse. We said good-bye to Paige August 27, 2019; a day of heartbreak for us all.