Rose – Adopted!

Libby – Adopted!
August 27, 2019
Paige – Adopted!
August 27, 2019


About Rose

Rose (aka Rosie) is a purebred Registered Canadian Mare (we even managed to find her papers!!) that arrived in Foster care after we discovered she was on a truck, heading to a known meat auction in Ontario. She was deemed lame and of no further use to her owner so panic ensued as the Society worked to save her before she was run through. Lame, barely broke horses are not likely to be adopted to forever homes. One of our amazing supporters learned who the shipper was, contacted him directly and negotiated her purchase. Without Andrea's help, Rose's fate was likely sealed - bound for slaughter where no Canadian Horse should end up.

The shipper was able to bring Rose into foster care, avoiding the auction completely. Once arriving her foster home, Rose was seen by a vet and farrier. At that time, it was determined that Rose's hooves were trimmed way too short for a proper lameness evaluation. We've been told she was trimmed that short due to a piece of metal embedded in her hoof but it is always hard to get a complete picture with horses in this situation. The recommendation was to keep her comfortable and give her time to let her hooves grow to a proper length. At that time, x-rays will be taken to determine what else might be going on. She has had her teeth floated and will have her vaccines done shortly. She's in good hands!

Personality wise, Rosie is sweet and smart, though can certainly be bossy and pushy at times - sounds like a typical Canadian! She knows her strength and is not afraid to use it so is getting consistent, gentle reminders, about manners. Overall, has not shown the slightest sign of aggression. Rosie is very vocal about breakfast. As Rosie will need to lose some weight, she currently gets a token amount of grain and definitely knows when the feed cart is coming around. She has settled in nicely and enjoys her grazing time with her pasture mate. Rosie's brilliant foster mum managed to track down previous owners (it is how we got Rosie's papers) and learned that she is broke to drive and ride. What a find!!

As often happens, Rosie's foster family fell madly in love and decided to adopt her despite knowing that she needed some extra care and attention, for the rest of her days . . . and that this care likely won't come cheap. Seeing the incredible care already given to Rosie, and given this is the same family that adopted Libby, the Society was thrilled! Rosie and Libby will live out their days at Tangled Dreams Farm and we wish them all the best!