Kali – Adopted!

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August 27, 2019
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November 17, 2019


About Kali

Kali (Du Coteau Lalou Kali) is a purebred Registered Canadian Mare born in June 2000. Kali was found in a field in Spring 2019, in Langley British Columbia. Although she was definitely not considered at risk, it was quite clear that she was not getting the care she needed. Kali had an overgrown, Cushings-like coat (she looked like a bear!) and her feet were overgrown and breaking off. It was sad to see such a majestic creature in such a sorry state.

One of our followers managed to negotiate for Kali's purchase, keeping our role a bit quiet so as to not cause any upset. Many might argue that Kali did not need to be rescued but, from our perspective, given her appearance and lack of farrier/vet carrier in 10+ years (an admission from the owner), it seemed clear to us that she needed far more care than she was currently getting and subsequent vet care proved we were right. Kali had chronic founder, likely over many years, resulting in rotation in all 4 limbs, her teeth were a mess, and she does have Cushings - all of this so treatable with intervention but without, would have ended her life.

Kali settled into her foster home, making new friends and adjusting to her new surroundings. A much improved diet allowed her digestive system to get back on track and regular grooming ensured her overgrown coat shed out nicely. Kali was adopted quickly, but she was returned to the Rescue a few weeks later and was fostered by the Society's President.

After some intense treatment and regular medical and hoof care, it was time to see if Kali remembered the training we all knew she'd have had in her youth. She stood to be tacked up like the regal lady she is then allowed us to hop on for a very brief walk . . . all with the gentleness she's known for. Given her incredible progress, the Society decided it was time to find Kali a permanent home; she will need some special care but anyone who loves her won't mind.

It didn't take long for Kali to capture one family's heart and soul. We were thrilled when a young couple from one of BC's beautiful Gulf Islands asked to come meet Kali. Not too long after, they proceeded with her adoption not at all worried about her special needs; they quickly realized, as well all knew, that Kali was worth it! We wish them all the best.