Wyoming – Adopted!

Halifax and Flick – Adopted!
January 18, 2022
Georgia – Adopted!
November 18, 2021


About Wyoming

Wyoming is a registered Canadian stallion who was bred in Oregon and imported into Canada in 2011. He seemed to be passed to a couple of owners with his papers going with him, but never being updated. As such his story is largely unknown to us. All we do know is that one of our community members was contacted by a well-known horse trader in central Alberta, who had been offered Wyoming, along with two unregistered Canadian mares bred to him.

Although we are reluctant to work with horse dealers, our key priority is to ensure Canadian horses land in safe homes that are committed to the breed. This is especially important for a breeding stallion, as they can be difficult to rehome and handle, and a knowledgeable home is required.

We purchased Wyoming and the two unregistered mares with unknown histories. They were brought into foster care November 2021. Once again, Gigi opened her home and her heart as a temporary foster location, and we deeply appreciate her ongoing and unwavering support of the Canadian horse breed and of the Society. The family settled in quickly and quietly and all seemed to have enough basic training to be gentle and respectful.

Although we had hoped to keep this family together, breeders were only interested in Wyoming. This made sense, given his bloodlines and his papers, ensuring offspring could be registered. As such, we made a decision to adopt Wyoming to a fantastic family in southern Alberta. We hope that he has a forever home with this family and will continue to contribute to the breed.