Georgia – Adopted!

Bella – Adopted!
March 26, 2021
Wyoming – Adopted!
November 21, 2021


About Georgia

Georgia (formerly known as Bella) came to us in Fall 2021 after one of our many followers noticed an online ad for an unhandled 2 year old Canadian that had been bred already and was being sold for a very low price. Although there was zero indication the filly was at risk, the low price was a concern. We had someone in the area willing to contact the seller to make arrangements and a deal was made.

Georgia settled into her foster home fairly well; they changed her name to coincide with the year of her birth, as per the breed's naming convention. She had clearly never been handled but was sweet and curious. She has been seen by a vet who did the best evaluation they could given Georgia was skittish with a bit of "stranger danger." She has been vaccinated and wormed and, although we do believe she is in foal, we've not been able to confirm.

Georgia is about 14.2hh but is likely not done growing. She has huge potential with the right home which will be someone with a lot of experience and patience. She is curious, affectionate, and learns quickly but she is also 2 and unhandled. The foster home agrees, saying "She will be an amazing horse, she needs a loving, gentle and patient home who will put in the time and work she needs.

UPDATE: We are thrilled to announce that Christmas came early . . . Georgia has been adopted to an amazing home not all that far from where she is being fostered. Plus, the new family is related to the foster family so they've had lots of opportunity to talk about Georgia's needs. We are confident this is a beyond perfect match and look forward to watching their journey together.