Usher – Adopted!

Zablo – Adopted!
January 7, 2018
Natalie – Adopted!
November 10, 2017


About Usher

Usher is a 16hh, registered Canadian who came to the Society November 2016. His owners had sold their farm so needed to downsize; despite him being incredibly well trained under saddle, it was felt Usher wasn’t sellable due to temperament issues. The Society was a last resort – of sorts – prior to him being put down.

Usher was reported as having major food aggression issues and being quite intimidating to someone who is not confident around horses and understands their behaviour completely. Although the owner didn’t have any trouble with him, it was this behaviour that made her feel he couldn’t be safely sold. Usher was reported as being wonderful to ride; he loved to jump, was working on Second Level dressage, and was awesome in the trails; plus beautiful to look at – as all of these pictures clearly show!

The Society jumped into action, finding a foster home Usher could be moved to right away. When he first moved, Usher seemed standoffish and would often make faces with a bit of an angry eye. Each day that seemed to lessen and he never put a hair out of place; his foster mum said soon after he arrived that he is an “absolute gentleman.” Once he settled in, it was time to see how he was under saddle. He was a wee bit girthy but was a lovely patient mount! His foster mum then reported “Today we even went on our first trail ride and it made him SO happy!! He had his happy face on the whole time, and even when I groomed him after he just showed me happy, happy, happy! I love this boy!”

This of course meant that he was there to stay. His foster mum completed the adoption application and it was a done deal. Usher was hers forever and, quite literally, that same day the last bit of angry eye was gone; his whole demeanour changed.