Zablo – Adopted!

Usher – Adopted!
January 7, 2018
Graal- Adopted!
February 8, 2018


About Zablo

In June 2017, the Society was asked to help re-home Zablo, registered/purebred Canadian born in 2012. The owner had only had him for about a year and a half, but in the past 8 months, Zablo had developed severe arthritis in his neck in the joints between his C5-C6-C7. This is causing him pain, and is likely causing spinal column compression. He shows mild neuro symptoms, like dragging his hind toes, atrophy of his haunches, and not tracking on a small circle. The vet did not think he’d ever be suitable as a driving horse.

On the ground, Zablo is incredibly lovable, acting like a giant puppy that follows you anywhere in the hopes of a treat or some scratches. Despite so desperately loving and wanting to keep Zablo, the owner simply could not afford to board a horse that couldn’t be ridden so had no choice but to try to re-home him. When her network didn’t work out, she contacted the Society for help. Despite marketing him heavily for months, we couldn’t find anyone to take a chance. In a way this made sense; a 5 year old pasture pet is a huge responsibility. We even had the tough conversation of might be best to put him down, thereby ensuring he doesn’t end up at auction or in a kill pen destined for slaughter.

Finally, in November 2017 someone decided it was worth taking a chance on him. This home, some 1300 miles away, was familiar The Canadian breed and was an experienced driving him which could, perhaps, give Zablo a new job to learn. If not, he could simply join the herd to live out his days. Zablo began his journey west in late December.