Studly – Adopted!

The Colts
May 8, 2017



Studly was rescued from an auction in Alberta, late March 2015. As a young stallion with a lack of handling, our team were confident he would not have any private buyers and we were correct. When he was run through only the kill buyer was bidding, so we bid as well and won. This handsome guy is about 5 years old and in training with our contacts at C&M Horse Haven. We have some information on his lineage but are doing a full DNA parentage report to confirm. Then we will have a better sense of who he is; at that time we can also give him a Canadian Horse name . . . though we think Studly may end up being his barn name. Unfortunately, four mares were also run through at the same time. One went before our team arrived but we were unable to save three others, from the same farm as Studly. The kill buyer managed to purchase and refused to sell to us. So, although we were happy to have saved Studly, the loss of four mares was heart-breaking.