Midnight – Adopted!

Gloria & Fancy – Adopted!
May 11, 2017
Spook – Adopted!
May 10, 2017


About Midnight

Midnight is either 6 or 7 years old; he came to us with his buddy Spook and their previous owners were uncertain which horse was which age. We figure, 6 or 7 is close enough. Midnight is a purebred Canadian gelding, though is unfortunately not-registered. He, along with Spook, will need specialized care throughout his life. Midnight had a great start to his job as a trail/pack horse in Northern Alberta. He was coming along quite well with all his ground manners and all three gaits (i.e., walk/trot/canter or, if you prefer, walk/jog/lope). Unfortunately he got into some type of toxic plant (e.g., Mare's Tail/Horse Tail, Locoweed) and consumed enough to cause permanent neurological damage. Although we often believe horses will avoid toxic plants, in some cases they ingest it, perhaps accidently, and can become addicted. Due to the damage, Midnight has become unsafe to ride as, without any warning, he may buck and spin or even fall to the ground . . . this can happen in mid-lope across an open field. As Midnight cannot do his job, the owners made the tough decision to sell him. When the Society approached the owners, they decided that we were his best chance at a good and long life and "gifted" him and Spook to us. At the time, the owners realized that Midnight and Spook would likely end up at auction where their fate was uncertain. Many of us know, however, that as young and non-riding horses they'd probably be purchased by a local kill buyer. We not only appreciated their honesty but also their willingness to gift the horses to us. Midnight seems to have more symptoms than Spook. He is on the thinner side, swings his head quite a bit, and his hind end looks fairly week at the trot; he also drags his toes. However, he is a friendly young guy who will follow you around; he wants to be with you and loves to have his face scratched. Knowing that he, and his buddy, have special needs Midnight and Spook must remain together. They seem to take care of each other and are quite bonded. For now, Midnight and Spook will remain in the care of the Society.