“Desert” – Available!

Ugo – Available!
December 28, 2020


About Desert

In late November 2020, another Rescue alerted us to a 16-19 month old purebred Canadian colt for sale. We did NOT think he was at risk other than a really low asking price that, too often, attract the "wrong" kind of buyers. The dealer who was selling him had, apparently, bought him off a breeder (a breeder who had not registered him!!), then sold him. However, very quickly he came up lame and was diagnosed with OCD, forcing the dealer to buy him back.

We put out a call for foster home and transport and Bob and Kathleen (already treasured members of the Rescue family, having adopted Willows) stepped up . . . along with a few others that were also willing. Remember - it takes a village! Given this little guy had no name, Kathleen called him Desert (you know . . . after the song LOL), but he should, technically, have a name starting with F.

He has a lovely kind eye and a sweet personality. Bob also reports he has clearly had some great basic training. Vet attended to do a basic health check, deworm, and vaccinate. In early 2021, he will be gelded and we will do some diagnostics to confirm OCD then sort out next steps. In the meantime, his foster mum reports they have not seen any swelling or limping, and that he follows them around, being very bonded to people. We all believe he will make someone very happy.

Stay tuned for updates!