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May 8, 2017
The Colts
May 8, 2017


About Brego

Brego (aka Colt #1) was one of the five Canadian yearling colts spotted in a kill buyer's yard in Central Alberta, September 2015 (read more about The Colts here).

Although all the colts were ill when they arrived (undernourished with "common colds" and worms), they quickly took to being in a dry, warm, and safe place with plenty of food and water. It wasn't long before they were cavorting about like the carefree young boys they were. Brego, however, was the sickest so took a bit longer to show clear signs of improvement. His photos show what a handsome young boy he was; he had an undeniable presence that drew people in.

In late October 2015, however, it was clear Brego was far from 100%; unlike the other colts he was losing weight with apparent tummy troubles. On October 30th he was found lying in his paddock, seemingly unable to get up. He was diagnosed with encysted cyathostomes (read more here). He was perky, alert, eating, and drinking so the vet prescribed an intensive worming protocol and advised to leave him lying down . . . he wasn't lying flat but sitting up resting. Brego was not in distress and seemed content to be where he was at.

By the afternoon of October 31, 2015, however, it was clear that Brego was losing the battle and late that evening, upon consultation with his care team, Brego was laid to rest.

Brego was only with us a short time but he made a lasting impression. His photo will remain as Facebook cover picture, serving as a reminder of the important work we do and that sometimes success will take strange and unfortunate turns.