Baldur – Adopted!

Bandit – Adopted!
May 8, 2017
Baron – Adopted!
May 8, 2017


About Baldur

Originally, Colt #3, Baldur was one of the five colts saved from a kill pen in September 2015 (learn more about The Colts here). Baldur was adopted in the Spring of 2016 by an amazing family located in Manitoba, south of Winnipeg. Laura, Dan, Lisa and Erica have a lovely facility and are heavily involved in the local horse community. Laura is a certified riding instructor, Lisa is an FEI Gold Medalist, and Erica is a trick rider. Together this amazing family had everything the Society is looking for... they even already had a Canadian! We definitely hit the jackpot with this family.

Laura regularly posts updates to the Society’s Facebook page; not long after Baldur arrived she said “This was his first time being exposed to [mountain trail] obstacles and he was very quiet about it. When unsure you can see how he reaches out to me for assurance. I am so thrilled that he is trusting me and turning out to be a very willing partner.”