Have a horse you need to re-home?

The Society provides a confidential, judgement-free option for Canadian Horse owners, and/or their families, who need to re-home horses. In general, we have two options to work from while recognizing every situation is unique. 

Option 1: Immediate Surrender

This option is when horse owners/guardians turn the horses over to the Society immediately. We then own the horse (including transfer of papers) and we take full responsibility for the horse, making all decisions regarding care. This is similar to when a horse is sold; there is a new owner who is fully responsible and can do with the horse whatever they wish. Generally horses are moved into a foster home while we work to find an adoptive, or permanent, home.  This option is often preferred by owners/guardians that must move a horse immediately. Whenever possible, even in emergency situations, we try to take some time to allow for a permanent home to be found. This way the horse only moves once. 

Option 2: Supportive Re-Homing

This option is when the horse owners/guardians are not in any rush to move a horse and, instead, collaboratively work with the Society to find a new home. We put the horse out to our community as available for adoption, with owner involvement. Interested parties contact us then we connect anyone that seems truly interested with the owner. They take it from there, with us stepping back entirely. If preferred, owners can use our adoption application to help with screening. This is not where we act as a sales agent, doing the work to help you sell your horse at market value. Instead, this is where the horse does need to be re-homed, surrendered, or gifted to the Society but there is less urgency, giving everyone time to find that perfect, forever home. 

Getting Started

Finding your horse a new home can take time and the more information we have, the better. To begin, we ask that you complete our Horse Re-Homing form, sharing as much information as possible. Please remember that we are not a sales agent nor are we Kijiji, Marketplace, or other site where horses are bought and sold. If you are looking to sell your Canadian Horse(s) at market value, we encourage you to turn to the existing resources to sell your horses. 

If you'd like to discuss things further, prior to completing the form, please send an email to info@canadianhorserescue.ca


A Difficult Conversation

As a Rescue and Re-Homing Society, we often get asked to re-home horses that are ill, elderly, or require special care; others have barely been handled and have little to no training. We will always take horses in need, working hard to provide a safe place for them to live out their days. Please remember that, if your horse has special needs, it can make them harder to place so we do ask for your patience. 

Often horses that are ill or elderly do not transition into new homes very well, leaving it up to the Society or the new family, to make very difficult, and sometimes costly, decisions. In these rare circumstances, it can often be better for the horse, though much harder for the family, to humanely euthanize instead of trying to re-home. We gently and respectfully encourage a realistic view of the situation. If we ask about this option, please understand we are simply exploring all the options with horse's best interests in mind.