Ulan – Adopted!

Pirate – Adopted!
January 20, 2020
Peggy – Adopted!
July 20, 2020


About Ulan

Not much is known about Ulan. In May 2020, we were contacted by a concerned person, noting that her $600 asking price might attract less desirable types, perhaps even putting her at risk of shipping to slaughter. As such, the Society stepped in.

What we do know is that Ulan is 12 years old and had been with her current owners for several years. She has been ridden in enclosed areas on lead but is definitely not considered well-trained; it might be more accurate to say barely broke. She will need a refresher for sure as she has not been ridden in over a year. Ulan has mostly been a pet; her owners meant well and loved her dearly but simply did not have the skills to train her correctly. With little time for her in the past year or two, it was time to let her go. Other than no real training, Ulan does seem to have been well cared for. Ulan was accidently bred in the past, but lost her foal.

As so often happens, as Ulan's foster family got to know her, they fell in love and decided they could not let her go. They completed an adoption application, which the Society Board was thrilled to approve. Ulan is now in her forever home. Isn't it just fantastic how things work out!!