Soleil and Shylock – Adopted!

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December 2, 2023
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March 24, 2024


About Soleil and Shylock

Soleil and Shylock are two 18-year-old Canadian purebred geldings located near Brandon, Manitoba, and they are in need of a new home, together. Currently, we are desperately hoping to never separate them. They were born on the same farm in Sudbury, Ontario so have been together all their lives. They have been with their current family for 15 years. The are being rehomed only due to the owner’s deteriorating health.

Both horses are trained to ride and they will come with a full set of Western tack. These are big boys - Soleil (blue tack) and the darker coat stands 17.1 hands whereas Shylock (red tack) and slightly lighter coat stands at 16.1 hands. Shylock has recovered from a couple mild leg injuries and both horses have had a bout of laminitis. They are sound but should be considered light riding horses, only.

Both Shylock and Soliel stay in the pasture year-round, and they have no issues with Manitoba winters.

The Society’s role is simply to help with re-homing, a job we take very seriously and, as always, we deeply appreciate being given the opportunity to help Soleil and Shylock find their next home. 

We got a ton of interest in these two boys. It was amazing to see how many people - from across the country and into the US - were wanting them. Ultimately they didn't go far, staying in Manitoba at a grain/cattle farm with an incredible family and a host of animals. They settled in well. Huge thanks to everyone involved, and to Cam for trusting us to find a new home for these lovely boys.