Rocker – Available!

Keaira – Adopted!
June 24, 2024


About Rocker

Rocker is a registered gelding, born in 2005. His owner contacted us in May 2024 after deciding it was time to find him a new home. Their kids had grown older, and no one had time for horses, plus they felt he’d benefit from warmer winters than what they have in Canada’s north – he is in Dawson City, Yukon. Although a very difficult decision, it is felt that Rocker deserves a life with someone who has more time and attention to give.

Rocker is 15-1/2 hands, goes well at walk/trot/canter and likes arena work (trot poles, cross rails) and going out on trail rides. He lunges well online or in a round pen. He is good with dogs, off road vehicles/traffic and is just an overall versatile buy. He has solid feet, stands well and loves grooming and bathing. He has had great care with regular teeth float, worming, and vaccinations (5 way and tetanus is up to date). He simply has good overall health.

Of course, no horse is perfect. Rocker loves food a bit too much (sounds like most Canadians!); he gets supplements (golden years and beet pulp) to help him feel satiated and regulate his appetite. He isn’t always sure about young kids and sometime seems grumpy, but then once haltered becomes a teddy bear.

This is an owner involved re-homing. Anyone interested is asked to contact the via email ( Rescue with your name and email address. We will then immediately pass that along to the owner who will reach out directly. All the information we have about Rocker has been shared here, and on Facebook.