“Rimbey Mares” – Adopted!

Fairy – Adopted!
March 19, 2021
Havi – Adopted!
March 4, 2021


About the Rimbey Mares

Update - by the end of March 2021, every mare had found a new forever home. Two were adopted together, three others went to new homes and one, stayed with her foster mum. We could not have asked for a better outcome.

In mid-March 2021, a member of the Rescue community, who has supported our efforts in Alberta and adopted one of our horses, reached out. She had been contacted by a known horse dealer who often ships to the Bouvry meat plant. He was working on a deal to buy up a herd of Canadian Horses near Rimbey, Alberta.

Our rescue made a deal to purchase six unregistered pregnant Canadian mares off the horse dealer, to prevent their shipping to the meat plant. The mares had all been bred to a Belgian stud, and were of varying ages (4-14 years old). All had been minimally handled - at best. These mares are truly barely halter broke. We also do not believe they can be registered, despite being very confident they are purebred Canadians.

The six mares are currently in foster care in Alberta. Through the help of the foster home, we will slowly learn about each mare to the best of our ability but the challenge will be that they are not comfortable being handled. Each mare will have her own webpage so be sure to check back often.

These mares are estimated to be about 2 months away from foaling. We have an opportunity to move these mares to adoptive homes in the next few weeks, before it will become too stressful to ship them very far prior to foaling. We welcome adoption applications - we will set adoption prices to cover our costs for these mares. Please inquire for more details and/or visit the Get Involved page to review our adoption and foster application forms.