Libby – Adopted!

Caramel and Juliet – Adopted!
August 9, 2019
Rose – Adopted!
August 27, 2019


About Libby

Libby was surrendered to the Society by her family in Spring 2019. Libby had only really known one family but, for a variety of reasons, never truly had an opportunity to reach her full potential and show the world all she could do. Instead, she was simply a beloved member of a family who only ever wanted Libby to have a good life. Her family would often just go into her stall and sit with Libbby while she slept. She was definitely loved. However, at some point, this family realized that the best thing for Libby was to find her a new home. The Society was thrilled to be contacted and entrusted with this precious lady.

Libby arrived at her foster home on June 16, 2019 after a 3 hour drive from the only home she ever really knew. She got off the trailer to her new life, and after a little convincing, went into her stall to have a good rest before venturing outside. Libby fell into her new routine quickly and enjoys her scratches and brushings. Since arriving Libby has shown her foster family how sweet she is. She is good on a leadline to be walked around and hand grazed. Libby has a beautiful trot when she is feeling up to it, out in the grass arena where she spends her days. Libby doesn't hesitate to express some opinions, but goes with the flow nicely and enjoys spending her days with her pasture mate. She can be found at the gate looking for attention if anyone is around.

One of the most important things Libby's foster family arranged was veterinary and foot care. As suspected, along with catching up on her routine care, it was discovered that our precious Libby has Cushings. Her medication has started and hopefully soon she will be feeling 100% and then we will really be able to get this girl to her full potential as we are told she is trained to ride, and we can’t wait to find out what she knows. Unfortunately, Libby seems to have chronic founder with rotation in all 4 limbs; aggressive action is being taken to get her joints back to where they should be. Libby is taking all the treatment well, somehow knowing all of these efforts are to help her be comfortable and live a long life.

As often happens, Libby's foster family fell madly in love and decided to adopt her despite knowing that she needed some extra care and attention, for the rest of her days . . . and that this care likely won't come cheap. Seeing the incredible care already given to Libby, the Society was thrilled! Once Libby is sound she will be introduced to the rest of the herd at Tangled Dreams Farm and we wish them all the best!