Lady U – Available!

Soleil and Shylock – Adopted!
March 23, 2024
Dino – Adopted!
March 24, 2024


About Lady U

In late December 2023, several of the Society’s supporters contacted us about a mare for sale in New Brunswick. She was reported to be a registered Canadian mare, in foal to an unregistered stallion. Details were coming fast and furious and although the posts about the mare – in various FB groups – were generating a lot of conversation, there didn’t seem to be a lot of action or serious interest. We were then contacted by someone who had been speaking with the owner. She offered to foster the mare and work with the owner regarding a purchase and hauling of the mare to her farm. After lots of back-and-forth, we decided to proceed and made arrangements to purchase the mare and get her into foster care.

Once she settled into foster care, her foster mum had this to say. “Lady U (as many of you know, we often don’t publicize registered names) is lovely to be around. She is not happy about lifting her hooves to be cleaned but we are working on that. She has now been trimmed and the local horse feed expert has suggested she be put on a maintenance amount of Grow n’ Win as she is a bit thin. She gets as much hay as she wants.”

At the vet visit, we learned that Lady U is not in foal, which we all decided was a good thing. She is thin and doesn’t have much muscle in her hind end which seems quite weak. The vet believed this was more due to her being really weak as opposed to anything medical. The mare’s teeth were floated and she was vaccinated, but the vet confirmed that she has a long way to go to be healthy.

We don’t know a lot about Lady U’s history but we were told she is super friendly, easy to handle and has a great personality. She has apparently been saddled and ridden but just knows the bare basics. She has had harness training and has raised foals, but we don’t know how many. 

We did get her papers, which was great news, until we realized they were copies, not originals. That led us on a bit of a merry chase to see what happens next. Thankfully, Katy Harrouart of Sarrabelle Canadians and President of CHBA contacted the owner on record who, luckily, still had Lady U’s original papers. Those are now on route to CLRC and will be transferred to properly reflect current owner of the mare – the Society. We are so grateful for Katy’s help, along with Laura Lee Mills at CLRC.

At some point, Lady U will be up for adoption, though a foster fail is also possible. Stay tuned for future updates.