Goose – Adopted!

Duke – Adopted
December 2, 2023
Soleil and Shylock – Adopted!
March 23, 2024


About Goose

In late June 2023, we were alerted to a small herd headed to auction July 1st in the Kawartha Lakes that included Canadians. Two young geldings and a mare were listed as Canadian from this herd, which was being dispersed due to a farm sale. Canadian Horse Rescue & Re-Homing Society volunteers mobilized to ensure all three had a safe landing. The horses were reported to have all been backed. The Canadians were all young (6 and under) and none had microchips. We managed to purchase all three, keeping them out of dealer or meat buyer hands.

The two geldings were reported to be 3 and 5 years old and the hauler was told by the owner that the youngest was registerable. They appeared bonded and were placed in foster together. Despite the stressful livestock auction environment (mostly cattle) and a long hot trailer ride to the auction that morning (4 hours), with patience and encouragement the boys loaded onto a two horse trailer to get to a nearby foster home.

The youngest gelding - that we named Goose - is brave and inquisitive. We estimate him to be between 13-14hh. He can be pushy and test boundaries like most youngsters but is also very willing, intelligent, and people-oriented. So essentially a typical Canadian! He halters well, and his foster mom has been working on leading and basic ground manners. He mostly follows her around like a puppy when not acting like a playful toddler. He is comfortable coming in the barn and his feet have been trimmed in cross ties. He is a darling who loves attention, and with the right training by someone experienced with youngsters, we think he has incredible potential. 

After spending several months in foster care, we decided Goose was ready to be adopted. At first, we didn't want to separate him from his brother Duke, but we all decided that Goose really needs a home that will help him reach his full potential. As hard as it was, foster mum decided it wasn't her. 

DNA results were done and, unfortunately, there were no dams or stallions in the database. This, of course, only tell us the stallion and dam were not registered though it is always possible Goose is part bred or, perhaps, not even a Canadian. It is the risk we take. 

Ultimately, Goose's foster mum did not care. Despite earlier reservations about adopting Goose she finally decided there was no way he was leaving. We are beyond thrilled to be celebrating another foster fail and are so grateful to Kelly and her family for opening their home, and hearts, to this lovely guy!