Django – Available!

Bella – Adopted!
March 26, 2021
Fairy – Adopted!
March 19, 2021


About Django

In March 2021, we were approached by Django's owner, asking for assistance and support in re-homing him. This horse is not at risk.

Django is a 2007, chestnut Canadian stallion; he is registered and his papers will be transferred to new owners. Born in 2007, he is actually a "T" - as in Django is his barn name. He is approximately 14.2hh and trained to be ridden. However, a pasture injury suffered as a two-year-old means that he is not sound for riding unless his training is used as physiotherapy. The peroneus tertius ligament in his left hind leg is permanently overstretched. His attitude is normally cheerful when trained/worked consistently and with strict recognition of his injury. Django is trained to mount a phantom and be collected via artificial vagina; he has sired two offspring via fresh cooled semen.

Django is located in BC's lower mainland region. Those that are interested can contact the Rescue directly. We will, in turn, connect them with the owner.