Dino – Adopted!

Lady U – Available!
March 24, 2024
Keaira – Adopted!
June 24, 2024


About Dino

Dino is a registered gelding, born in 2008. His owner contacted us in March 2024 after deciding it was time to find him a new home as he is no longer happy with / able to do ring work largely due to some arthritic changes. He is more than ready for a quieter lifestyle and is happy hacking out at the walk for hours on trails.

Dino was a breeding stallion until he was 8 years old and has two sons. Once gelded he had a couple of homes in Quebec, Canada – where he was born – before heading to the US in 2020. He is currently located in Nottingham, New Hampshire. Dino has had exceptional training and experience, including driving in a team and dressage. He is confident and solid for trail riding solo or out in a group (though he prefers to be the caboose and take his time poking along). He travels well, is good for the farrier and vet, enjoys scratches during grooming time, and is in excellent health.

Due to his past as a breeding stallion, Dino can be turned out with geldings only. He can be next to mares over the fence, and does best when stabled in a way that allows him space from other horses during grain time. He does best with experienced handlers and is not a horse for beginners. His best match is critical, and his owner is no rush to move him. She is looking for someone who really loves the breed, can handle his larger-than-life personality, and will be able to give him a soft landing as he enters a life of lighter work

The Society’s role is simply to help with re-homing, a job we take very seriously and, as always, we deeply appreciate being given the opportunity to help Dino find his next home. 

We received a ton of messages about Dino and several folks seemed sincere but nothing came together until we found Jenna! She and Dino clicked and a new partnership was formed. We are beyond thrilled!!