Caramel and Juliet – Adopted!

Derringer – Adopted!
August 9, 2019
Libby – Adopted!
August 27, 2019


About Caramel and Juliet

At the end of April 2019, two untrained, senior Canadian mares were posted in an auction program in central Ontario. One of our amazing supporters informed us, sharing their sale ad, and agreeing to visit the auction and bid on the mares. She, and another supporter, completely managed the process, from contacting the auction mart to sending in a generous donation. Together, we were able to put a plan in place to ensure these lovely ladies had a safe place to land.

As often happens, Barb, the person who first told us about these mares, fell in love. We were able to step back, leaving Caramel (age 26) and her daughter Juliet (age 20) to live out the rest of their days with Barb and her herd. Barb reports that these two are "among the kindest and sweetest horses I have had the pleasure to work with."

The Society is grateful to Barb, Wendy, and the team who found these mares and worked to ensure they were safe. It truly takes a village!

Our Rescue Community mourned the loss of Caramel in December 2019, followed by her daughter Juliet not quite one year later. These lovely ladies brought love and laughter to all who knew them.