Benson – Adopted!

Graal- Adopted!
February 8, 2018
Sweets/Enfer – Adopted
February 9, 2018


About Benson

Updated March 11, 2018 - Benson is now adopted! A perfect family, who knows all of Benson's deepest secrets decided they could give him a forever home. The Society could not have wished for a more perfect outcome. Huge thanks to all involved; Benson, and his girl Seleen, will have many years of laughter!

Originally, Colt #5, Benson was one of the five colts saved from a kill pen in September 2015 (learn more about The Colts here). Benson was easily the most feral of the five colts; although never mean or aggressive, his flight response was incredibly strong. With time, patience, and love, we knew he’d excel; he simply needed the right person. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, Benson’s first adoptive home did not work out. Very quickly, Benson was returned to our care, but the damage was done; he had regressed beyond what we’d have thought possible. That left the Society uncertain what to do next, until a guardian angel stepped forward; someone known to us, and experienced with Canadian horses, with a heart like a lion and more patience than any human should possess.

Benson’s journey to recovery began in Fall 2016 when he made the journey from Alberta to Abbotsford, BC; he arrived at his foster home in the dead of night but after such a long journey settled in without too much trouble. This was likely helped as Matt Doane, his original rescuer, was a safe place and his brother Baron was stabled right next door. His foster mum also knew that safety would be his top priority.

As of January 2018, Benson is still in foster care and has made incredible progress. He is a stunningly handsome horse, with a larger than life personality. He has – in horsemanship terms – incredible “draw” and loves to play. Go into his field and he will come running to you, at full gallop then stop on a dime to say hello and, hopefully, get a piece of apple. He is incredible at liberty, showing off his talents for anyone willing to watch.

That isn’t to say Benson still doesn’t have deep-seated fears; there are still dark places in his heart that may never heal. Benson will need a very special home; a person willing to give him the time and patience he needs and someone with no expectations! He may never be a riding horse, but will bring joy and laughter . . . and teach someone more about horses, and themselves, than they’d have ever thought possible.