Bella – Adopted!

Fairy – Adopted!
March 19, 2021
Georgia – Adopted!
November 18, 2021


About Bella

By the first of April, Bella's foster mum confirmed that she wanted to adopt. We suspected it all along but always feel like a foster is a good start, since sometimes these things just don't work out. However, very quickly it became clear that Bella had made friends and was going to thrive with Tina and her family. We wish them all the best of luck!

In March 2021, we were approached by StoneRidge Stables and Re-homing Centre (another Rescue/Re-Homing facility, this one in Ontario, that does amazing work), asking if we could take Bella into our Rescue. StoneRidge found Bella in the killpen at OLEX, listed as a French-Canadian horse so bought her, saving her from a very risky situation.

Unfortunately, one of StoneRidge's foster homes had to close, temporarily, so they had to move some horses around. We were very grateful to be given the opportunity to bring this mare into our care. We reimbursed StoneRidge, sought out a foster home, and arranged for transportation.

As she was dumped at auction, she had no name (StoneRidge named her) and no information. She is little (about 14.1hh), age estimate is late teens, has quite a sway back, and we suspect she has had many babies. She is definitely broke to ride but the extent of her training/ability is uncertain. She had her feet done in foster care, and it wasn't easy. She is very nervous about having folks around her back feet - not mean, just anxious so clearly history there. If only she could tell us her story.

Once settled in her foster home, Bella will be available for adoption. As always, foster homes get priority in our adoption process, assuming we believe them to be a good fit. Already we do anticipate welcoming a new member of the Foster Fail Club.